Weconomics partners solutions

Weconomics partners develop and deliver different instruments (advise services, workshops, training courses, education, masterclasses, talent programs, round-tables, software development, platforms, applications, case materials, simulation games, assessments, quickscan etc.) that will help you to transform into a durable, digital and decentral organization.

Weconomics is a network of partners, focusing on transformation and the alignment of new operating and organization models with disruptive data technologies (such as internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data logistics and the digital assembly line) to reduce organizational friction and create surplus(time) for a more sustainable world. Here are some of our partner solutions.

Other solutions
More solutions are also provided by our executive partner Weconomics Solutions.

How to become a partner
Partnerships starts with € 100,- (once and no further obligations). Apply here

More information
If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

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