Weconomics partners, members and associates

Weconomics is a network organization with a media, financing, accelerating and learning and development platform, knowledge center, innovation hub and interest group. Natural persons and organizations can join our network to build a durable, data-driven and decentral future. We do that with future-driven leadership and data-driven organizing in ecosystems. With the digital assembly line we reduce office work and create surplus for a sustainable prosperity. Here are some impressions of our:

Work and network on Dutch television (RTL-Z)
‘Work Less, Achieve More’ conference (2019)
Philosophy (interview with our founder (2020)

Latest book presentation ‘Datawijsheid’ at TU/e campus (17-11-2022)

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Why partnership?
Collaborate with other partners in a targeted, extensive and high-quality network. Work together and contribute to our ambition: halving office work within one generation. With this surplus we can make our prosperity more sustainable. As a network, we are stronger in accomplishing our ambition and bringing our vision & mission to the attention of media, politics and business.

Partner overview
Weconomics partner solution overview

For whom?
Pioneers, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, trainers, consultants, project leaders, innovation leads, business developers, IT-architects, policy makers, politicians, investors: everybody who is interested in organizing a more sustainable prosperity with the help of modern organization science and data technology.

Ambassadors and donations
If you want to support our purpose (organizing a more sustainable prosperity) every small contribution (in time and/or money) is welcome. Thank you for that! On this website, and via our Weconomics Wonders we will keep you posted on what we do with your contributions (more information only Dutch: press the gofundme button).

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Partnership (for people)
What’s in it for you:

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Partnership fee
€ 100,- ex VAT, only ones without further obligations.

Next step? Membership (for people)
With a membership, you can use our commonalities, solutions, and platforms when you are a project leader, innovation manager, trainer, consultant, startup, or digital lead, for example.

Associate: (for organizations)
As a legal entity you can become an associate (via a Weconomics Commonality). At least one natural person/employee of your organization, should be Weconomics member.

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