Weconomics is a network organization, knowledge center, innovation lab and interest group. Natural persons and legal entities can join our network and help us with our mission: ‘Work Less, Achieve More’: a halving of office-work within one generation.

Partner overview
Weconomics partners solution overview
Impression of our ‘Work Less, Achieve More’ conference (2019)
Impression from latest relation day: 15-03-2019 Breda University:

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Goal partnership
Collaborate with other partners in a targeted, extensive and high-quality network. Work together and contribute to our mission: ‘Work Less, Achieve More’ with the help of modern organization science & data technology.  As a network, we are stronger in accomplishing our ambition and bringing our mission to the attention of media, politics and business.

For whom?
Trainers, consultants, startups, innovation leads, business developers, etc. People and organizations. People can become partner. People and organizations can become member.

1. Partnership for people
A Weconomics partner receives from the Foundation:

From other Weconomics partners:

  • invites for events such as workshops, lectures
  • discounts on products & services

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Partnership fee
€ 100,- ex VAT, only ones without further obligations.

2. Memberships for people
From the basic partnership, you can scale up to a membership and use our instruments when you are a project leader, trainer or consultant for instance. Memberships for natural persons are more about sharing ideas and the development and execution of Weconomics instruments. As a member you can execute different roles under Weconomics brand and for example, use our Weconomics Knowledge Center which has a collection of Weconomics books, learning & case materials, questionnaires, presentations and an overview of checked, edited and ordered articles and (white)papers.

Membership fees and services for people
Membership  are for unspecified time until further notice before October the first each year (a notice period of 3 months). All tariffs are ex. VAT and. As member* you can use the Weconomics brand, you have access to the Weconomics knowledge center and join our teams for instance. The different membership (roles) are:

  • Promoter**: can sell books, organize events and projects (but not execute them)
  • Project leader: can organize and execute (Weconomics labeled) projects
  • Fellow: can execute events, advise and project services
  • Domain leader: operates network organizationally
  • Network leader: operates network technically
  • Associate: custom mate and in cooperation with Weconomics Solutions
* When you are not a partner already, you receive an invoice of 100 euros + x/12 of the annual fee, the first time. After the first invoice you always receive an invoice in January (without the 100 euro basis fee of the partnership). All the membership fees are the same now but will differentiate in the future.
** All higher memberships inherit the lower one.


If you have ideas to cooperate in one of these roles, contact us and let us know  how you think we can cooperate, for example by:

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If you have questions about the membership first, you can contact us.

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3. Memberships for organizations
As a legal entity you can also become a member of the Weconomics Foundation. At least one natural person/employee of your organization, should be partner (see above).

Memberships for organization are about sharing and improving our common interest in our mission: ‘Work Less, Achieve More’, with the help of modern organization science and technology and our strategy. Advantages for your membership are:

  • reduce human and digital waste in your organization
  • improve your productivity
  • create surplus for more
    • freely available time, flexibility and a better work-life balance
    • corporate social responsibility activities
    • enabling a broader and more sustainable prosperity

Membership fees and services for organizations
Memberships are for an unspecified time until further notice before October the first each year (a notice period of 3 months). All fees are ex. VAT and all higher memberships inherit the lower one.

After the first year you decide to continue or not. No obligations if you decide to stop.

  • Member: can use Weconomics brand and ‘’ registration
  • Silver member: same as member + customized lobby activities
  • Gold member: same as silver +  advising role  in our lobby strategy


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If you have questions about the membership for organizations first, you can contact us.

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