Partners, members, hubs and associates

Weconomics is a network organization, knowledge center, innovation hub, accelerator and interest group. Natural persons and organizations can join our network to build a durable, digital and decentral FutureNext, using data driven organizing with the blockchain based digital assembly line to reduce office work and create surplus for a sustainable prosperity.

Partner overview
Weconomics partner solution overview
Hub overview (intermediaries)
Impression of our work and network on Dutch television (RTL-Z)
Impression of our ‘Work Less, Achieve More’ conference (2019)
Impression of a partner day (2018)
Impression of our intellectual legacy (interview with our founder)

Impression from our partner day at Breda University

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Why partnership?
Collaborate with other partners in a targeted, extensive and high-quality network. Work together and contribute to our ambition: halving office work within one generation. With this surplus we can make our prosperity sustainable. As a network, we are stronger in accomplishing our ambition and bringing our vision & mission to the attention of media, politics and business.

For whom?
Pioneers, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, trainers, consultants, project leaders, innovation leads, business developers, IT-architects, policy makers, politicians, investors: everybody who is interested in organizing a more sustainable prosperity with the help of modern organization science and data technology.

1. Ambassadors and donations
If you want to support our purpose (organizing a broader and more sustainable prosperity) every small contribution (in time and/or money) is welcome. Thank you for that! On this website, and via our Weconomics Wonders we will keep you posted on what we do with your contributions (more information only Dutch: press the gofundme button).

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2. Partnership (for people)
What’s in it for you:

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Partnership fee
€ 100,- ex VAT, only ones without further obligations. If you are a customer or investors, partnership is included.

3. Membership (for people)
From the basic partnership, you can upgrade to a membership and use our instruments when you are a project leader, trainer, consultant, startup or digital lead for instance. Memberships for natural persons are more about sharing ideas and the development and execution of Weconomics instruments and transformation programs.

What’s in it for you:

  • all the services a partner gets (see above)
  • you can use the Weconomics- or mix brand: YOUR BRAND/Weconomics
  • write blogs or articles, produce podcasts or video’s that we publish
  • send in your events and we will publish them on our website
  • send in your news and we will distribute it via Weconomics Wonders
  • send in your video’s and we will publish them on our YouTube channel
  • you can use our experience lab with studio facilities for webinars, podcasts, expert meetings etc.
  • you can use our office facilities and our hubs (in consultation)
  • access to Weconomics knowledge center
  • access to our (online) books, network, customers, subsidies, projects, training materials and tools  
  • start projects as a project leader and organize events (courses, workshops etc.) together
  • opportunity to participate in the NEWENT accelerator program
  • developing new instruments (training, advice, assessment, games etc.) together
  • help from other members with marketing, finance, legal etc.
  • receive 10% bonus for selling Weconomics (partner) standard solutions
  • receive 20% discount on standard solutions from other Weconomics (partners)

Sign Up
If you have questions about the membership first, you can contact us.

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Membership fee and cancellation
€ 200,- ex VAT per year. Memberships are for unspecified time until further notice before October the first each year (a notice period of 3 months).

4. Associate (for organizations)
As a legal entity you can become an associate of the Weconomics Foundation. At least one natural person/employee of your organization, should be member (see above).

We help associates to transform into a durable, digital and decentral network organization. Advantages for associates are:

  • all the advantages a Weconomics member has (see above)
  • yearly check up (kind of APK-keuring in dutch)
  • 1 free seat per year in our certified program
  • access to our (experience) labs, Weconomics (software) licences and (webinar) studio’s
  • we compose, orchestrate and direct your transformation to be fit for the future
  • we help you financing your transformation program, e.g with (European) grants
  • reduce human and digital waste in your organization
  • improve your productivity, service level, quality, lead times and talent preference
  • create surplus for more
    • freely available time, flexibility and a better work-life balance
    • corporate social responsibility activities
    • enabling a broader and more sustainable prosperity

Associateship fees and services for organizations and cancellation
Associateships are for an unspecified time until further notice before October the first each year (a notice period of 3 months). All fees are ex. VAT.

Category micro small medium large pay per
# Employees 1<10 11<50 51<250 >250
Associate try-out € 200 € 400 € 500 € 1.600 1st year
Associate € 500 € 1.000 € 2.000 € 4.000 per year

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If you have questions about the membership for organizations first, you can contact us.

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