Weconomics is a network organization. Natural persons can join the Weconomics Foundation, legal persons with our executor: Weconomics Solutions

Partner overview
Weconomics partners solution overview
Impression from latest relation day: 15-03-2019 Breda University:

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From the (basic) partnership you can scale up to for example membership. As a member you can, for example, use our Weconomics Knowledge Center which has an overview of checked, edited and  ordered articles and (white)papers, consulting and training agencies, IT companies, projects, media, conferences and partnerships.

What can you do as a partner?
Partners can (it is not an obligation):

  • get access to important network, knowledge and expert experiences;
  • collaborate with other Weconomics partners (targeted, extensive and high-quality network);
  • use the Weconomics commonality (infrastructure, model and program, but also of general agreements, products & services, labels, library, events and knowledge center);
  • develop right competencies for a data economy and a world in which we organize trust, work and economics more and more via shared information and transaction network based on organization concepts such as Blockchain Organizing, Rich Data, Data Logistics and the Digital Assembly Line.

Goal partnership
The goal of the partnership is to collaborate smartly with other Weconomics partners and with the Weconomics Foundation. Weconomics supports entrepreneurial people to achieve comparable scalability as large companies and supports companies with comparable flexibility as portfolio workers.

For whom?
The Weconomics Foundation partnership is aimed at natural persons* (though the invoice can be paid by an organization) who want to collaborate smartly and seamlessly in a shared information network that is based on the Weconomics model.

A Weconomics partner receives from the Foundation:

  • the management novel: ‘Every day when the sun rises’, about the history of the community economy (Dutch only);
  • access to library with Weconomics books, presentations etc.;
  • the possibility to become a member, promoter, project leader, fellow, domain leader or network leader;
  • the possibility to set up a project together;
  • the latest news from the Weconomics Foundation and Weconomics communities;
  • invites for Weconomics partner days;
  • access to the ‘partner only’ section on Weconomics websites;
  • access to Weconomics funds and projects such as open innovation groups.
  • voting right to elect members of Weconomics organs such as the General Assembly

From other partners:

  • invites for events such as workshops, lectures
  • discounts on products & services

Period and investment
Unspecified time until further notice with a notice period of 3 months. The partnership costs 100 euros (only ones without further obligations), excluding VAT.

Next step
If you want to make use of our knowledge center, organize or execute events or advise services under Weconomics (mixed) label, there are opportunities to extend your basic partnership to for example a member, promoter or fellow.**.

  • Member (€ 200 per year): has access to Weconomics knowledge center
  • Promoter (€ 300 per year): can sell books, organize events and projects (but not execute them)
  • Project leader (€ 400 per year): can organize and execute (Weconomics mixed label) projects
  • Fellow (€ 500 per year): can execute events, advise and project services
  • Domain leader (€ 600 per year): leader of a shared information and transaction network, for instance in the HR-services domain, or supply chain domain
  • Network leader (€ 700 per year): operates Blockchain As A service for example
  • Associate: custom mate and in cooperation with Weconomics Solution



If you have ideas to cooperate in one of these roles, contact us and let us know  how you think we can cooperate, for example by:

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If you have questions about the partnership first, you can contact us.

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* Legal entities can connect connect  via our Associate: Weconomics Solutions (trade name of Weconet Technologies BV)
** The first time you receive an invoice of 100 euros + x/12 of the annual fee. After the first invoice you always receive an invoice in January (without the 100 euro basis fee of the partnership).