Weconomics: towards a more sustainable prosperity 

Paul Bessems (founder): “Weconomics is a network of partners, focusing on the alignment of new organization models with disruptive organization technologies (such as blockchain) to reduce organizational friction and create surplus(time) for a better and more sustainable world

Our world is in a transition. The existing system no longer suffices. Crises follow each other faster. There was a banking crisis, Euro crisis, refugee crisis, and we are in the midst of the consequences of fake news, data breaches, Brexit and Trump as president of the US. In addition, the total debt burden has doubled since the beginning of this century. There was a monthly eighty billion invested in the economy to create growth and inflation, and even this principle is no longer working well. In addition, inequality increases. Quantitative growth still seems to be the magic word, while that contributes to debts and over consumption. We see problems in healthcare, education, security and democracy. The system squeaks and creaks on all sides. People long for an effective vision, a sustainable imagination that has the power to become reality. You can read more about this in the Weconomics books with more than 2500 pages of research, analyzes, concepts and practical examples..

eight books_2500+ pages

The transition to the new is mainly say goodbye to the old and to look for new organizational forms and projects that contribute to a sustainable society. Sustainable prosperity is a prosperity that meets the needs of the present, without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Weconomics brings new thinking, ideas, projects, movements and communities together and connects people and resources to goals.

In order to achieve a sustainable prosperity, Weconomics focuses primarily on the use of organizational technology to improve the 6Ps:

  • Purpose: the purpose of work in relation to innovation
  • Productivity: pay prosperity with productivity
  • Privacy: new and strict European privacy legislation (GDPR)
  • Power: more power to people, less to means such as companies & governments
  • Propaganda: fewer fake news and news manipulation
  • Processes: improve processes and transfer them to transaction networks

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