Weconomics mission: ‘Work Less, Achieve More’
Organizing a sustainable prosperity with the help of technology that creates useful surplus.

Paul Bessems (founder): “Weconomics is a network of partners, focusing on real Digital Transformation and the alignment of new organization models with disruptive organization technologies (such as blockchain) to reduce organizational friction and create surplus(time) for a better and more sustainable world

New: Certified Blockchain Professional Program
Weconomics offers a Certified Blockchain Professional Program for: blockchain leads, organization designers, business developers, innovation managers, consultants, IT CBPP via paintnet v2architects, researchers, finance-, legal-, fiscal-, facility- and HR-professionals (roles that precede a software developer). We offer a half-year program in which participants receive one day education per week. With this education program they can also work on short/long projects under the supervision of a mentor (experience blockchain consultant). They can work on own use cases (project, organization or start-up) or asked for other payed projects. We work together with educational and research institutions, corporations, communities and governments (program is in dutch for the first time). It is also possible to apply for separated modules.

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What Weconomics is looking for:
Are you entrepreneurial and want to contribute with us to the organization of a more sustainable prosperity by using real Digital Transformation and organization technology such as blockchain? Sign up as a partner and work together in projects.  Or do you want to read more information first? Visit on of our events read one of our books, blogs (Dutch)blogs (English)  or what the media writes about us.