Weconomics is home to over 240 partners working together to realize our mission: ‘Work Less, Achieve More’ and to organize a broader and more sustainable prosperity with the help of modern organization science & data technology

News update: Weconomics partner Smartys wins European subsidy

Weconomics Certified Program
Weconomics offers certified programs (non technical) for: digital leaders & designers. These programs are developed for: organization designers, blockchain leads, business developers, innovation managers, consultants, WCP3 pngIT architects, researchers, finance-, legal-, fiscal-, facility- and HR-professionals and students. We offer a half-year program in which participants receive one day interactive education per week. In combination with this education program you can also work on short/long projects under the supervision of a experienced coach.  You can work on own use cases (project, organization or start-up) or asked for other payed projects. We work together with educational and research institutions, corporations, communities and governments (program is in dutch for the first time). It is also possible to apply for separated modules. More information (dutch only for the moment).

Weconomics congress 26-11-2019 Theater Perron-3 Rosmalen
More than 30% of all the work has to do with control. Bookkeepers check numbers, managers control processes, teachers and caretakers go crazy with all mandatory reports and we all receive more and more emails and information to which we have to respond. Automation has made checking easier, but it didn’t reduce complexity. All we do is creating a digital bureaucracy. Every time new compliance obligations nullify productivity and therefore prosperity growth and cause great annoyance in many jobs. The good news is that there is a solution. Because with modern organization science & technology it is possible to organize much office work, substantially more efficiently with much less waste. A 20-hour workweek within one generation is not an utopia, but becomes reality. This allows us to solve problems in care, education and safety. Responsible administrators, politicians, managers and professionals must be aware of this. More information (Dutch only for the moment).

NEW @Roundtable: “How do you prepare for the digital assembly line?”
@Roundtable is an inspiring gathering of professionals. You become aware of the consequences of digital transformation on (the organization of) our work. Together we develop new insights for example that your job will not be taken by robots but by people who understand digital transformation better. The question is how can you prepare for this as a professional? How do you turn on your digital radar to answer this question for example: ‘How do I prepare my organisation for the digital assembly line?’

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What Weconomics is looking for:
Are you entrepreneurial and want to work together on our mission: Work Less, Achieve More and contribute to the organization of a broader and more sustainable prosperity with the help of modern organization science and technology? Sign up as a partner and work together on projects.  Or do you want to read more information first? Visit one of our events read one of our books, blogs (Dutch)blogs (English)  or what the media writes about us.