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Weconomics is home to hundreds of partners working together to build ecosystems and implement new business- and operating models with the help of data driven organizing. We make your organization fit for a durable, digital and decentral FutureNext. We organize this future not primarily with more economic growth but by reducing waste. We ‘finance’ this future not with more money but with more time, hidden in nonproductive (office) work. We believe we can organize a sustainable prosperity, work from a holistic perspective and know that we can only heal a part by treating the whole.

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Weconomics Certified Program: the future is durable, digital and decentral
Weconomics offers learning/working programs (non technical) that combine new business- and operating models with disruptive data technologies such as internet of things, blockchain and artificial intelligence (together the digital assembly line). These programs are developed for: transformational leaders, organization designers, innovation leads, business developers, consultants, WCP3 pngIT architects, researchers, finance-, legal-, fiscal-, facility- and HR-professionals and students. We offer a half-year program in which participants receive one day interactive education per week. In combination with this education program you can also work on short/long projects under the supervision of a experienced coach.  You can work on own use cases (project, organization or start-up) or asked for other payed projects. We work together with educational and research institutions, corporations, communities and governments (program is in dutch for the first time). It is also possible to apply for separated modules. More information: (ENG | NL).

Weconomics on Dutch television (RTL-Z)
In this RTL-Z television broadcast, recorded on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, Weconomics CEO Paul Bessems talks about the digital assembly line, blockchain and Weconomics. The broadcast also shows how Weconomics supports startups such as Bistroo and 2bSMART in the development of their network. Bistroo is the next generation online food platform. Designed to serve consumers with an all-in-one food experience. 2bSMART supports organizations in understanding and applying IoT sensors, blockchain and smart contracts technology. This broadcast shows how important it is to work together in digital ecosystems. Weconomics is the ‘inventor’ of the blockchain based digital assembly line. Weconomics helps leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals navigating towards a sustainable, decentralized and digital society. The purpose of their work is to improve productivity by reducing digital waste and therefore creating surplus for sustainability. Weconomics combines modern organizational science with disruptive data technologies such as the internet of things, blockchain and artificial intelligence. See video.

New book: The Digital Assembly Line
More than a third of our work comes down to communication, control and information provision. Everyone is constantly receiving messages that we have to respond to. More and more lawyers are checking more and more rules, accountants are checking numbers and managers are checking lawyers and accountants again. digitale lopende bandAutomation has made our work easier, but the current way of organizing also ensures that more and more communication and control are taking place. Automation has brought us a long way, but has contributed to the fact that we now have a digital bureaucracy while productivity growth slows down. When we combine modern organizational science with new data technologies such as internet of things, blockchain and artificial intelligence, the digital assembly line is created.

This digital assembly line has many similarities with the origin and principles of the physical assembly line. What the physical assembly line did in factories will the digital assembly line do in offices. By reducing digital waste in offices, we become more productive. This allows us to structurally solve the consequences of an aging population and shortages in healthcare, care taking, education and public security. These sectors are helped, not with more money, but with more time. Responsible administrators, politicians, managers and professionals must be aware of this. More information (Dutch only).

New book: Organizing Sustainable Prosperity
This book is about organizing a broader and more sustainable prosperity with the help of modern organizational science and data technology, as part of the digital transformation duurzame welvaart organiserenand corporate social responsibility. A theme more current than ever. An unsustainable society in the “here and now” is also an unfair society for the “there and later”. An important transition that we will go through in the ‘roaring twenties’ of this century is the transition from a system that is aimed at increasing prosperity, to a system that is aimed at making more sustainable what we have. To achieve this, we will have to make more time available for sectors and themes where there are currently shortages, such as: healthcare, education, safety, democratization, circular economy, sustainable energy and climate.

The time required for this can be gained in offices. By reducing digital waste, we have to do less office work. We can spend the surplus on making our prosperity more sustainable. The prosperity that we consume now is not yet produced sustainably, as witness the fundamental challenges that lie ahead: climate change, inequality, social unrest and the increased debt and chance of a new pandemic are perhaps fatal legacies of the ideology and policy of the past decades. This book is part I of the Weconomics diptych and contributes to the Weconomics mission and ambition:  ‘Work Less, Achieve More: halve office work within one generation.’ More information (Dutch only).

What Weconomics is looking for:
Are you entrepreneurial and share our vision (the future is durable, digital and decentral), want to work together on our mission (Work Less, Achieve More) and contribute to the organization of a broader and more sustainable prosperity with the help of modern organization science and data technology? Sign up as a partner and work together on projects.  Or do you want to read more information first? Visit one of our events, read one of our books (and whitepapers, longreads), blogs (Dutch)blogs (English), podcasts (Dutch), video’s or what the media writes about us.