Projects: form idea to execution

Quality projects possible from € 2.000,- within our Certified Programs

Weconomics supports projects that contribute to our mission: Work Less Achieve More. We can ‘produce’ surplus with new concepts (Digital Assembly Line, Rich Data etc.) and technologies (Distributed Ledger Technology, blockchain), combined with new organization models (Digital Ecosystem, Community,  shared information- and transaction centers). For this it is important to understand Digital Transformation 2.0. Real digital transformation provides more democracy, transparency, less power with existing institutions and secure data traffic. We can set up a community (shared information and transaction network) for your industry/domain, based on the Weconomics organization model, infrastructure and the transition program.seed_3

Do it yourself, outsourcing or a hybrid form?
Weconomics has three variants for projects:

  1. Your Label: You can choose to carry out a project yourself (under your own label and way of working), where you hire a Weconomics partner for some parts of your project if necessary.
  2. Mixed Label: we can also choose to start a project together from the beginning under mixed label. We called is a ‘Your Label/Weconomics’ project.  You are the client and and you appoint someone as a project leader who is trained in Weconomics and works during the whole project closely together with a Weconomics fellow. If project leader and partner can not find consensus: you decide.
  3. Weconomics Label: We can also work entirely under Weconomics label, and follow the Weconomics method. You (or a consortium) are the client and Weconomics provides project leader and fellow. If you agree with the assignment, it will be executed in the Weconomics way by Weconomics Solutions.

With both option 2 and 3 you use a proven methodology, which reduces the lead time and costs. In cases 1 and 2 you make your own arrangements about, for example, time and tariffs with the executor. You have to take into account that costs are associated with the deployment of Weconomics partners. These are independent entrepreneurs.

Goal of Weconomics projects
The goal of Weconomics projects is to design  and develop communities,together with you. A decentralized democratic shared information and transaction network with many providers and many customers. With this network you can profile, select, buy and pay product & services  almost completely digitally and at minimal transaction costs.

The transactions are stored in a shared and distributed ledger which makes the network transparent and allows transactions to be carried out with fewer intermediaries. Privacy and data management can also be better guaranteed and society become less dependent on tech companies and central governments.

The underlying infrastructure for Weconomics communities is basically the same for every community. The differences are mainly in the focus (target and target group-oriented communication: branding). The agreements are organized in a Data Common, the differences in their own application (for example DAPP, decentralized application).

Do you have an idea for a project?
Are you a pioneer and do you have an idea to organize supply and demand smarter within your industry? We help you set up and guide your project to realize it in less time and with less costs. Weconomics helps you with the realization of your idea. With Weconomics you get access to our knowledge center, an extensive network and the right tools to expertly turn your idea into a successful community. Our partners are experienced in guiding enterprising people from idea to execution.

Your advantages

  • Access to knowledge center and network of professionals and potential customers
  • A fundamentally new organizational model and technology for communities
  • Apply Blockchain Organizing in practice
  • Organizational technology for the improvement of privacy and productivity
  • An open source infrastructure to share knowledge and network
  • A validated transition program with appropriate tools
  • Network of blockchain experts, consultants, trainers and developers

Project examples

  • Bring Your Own Data
  • Personal Data Service on a blockchain
  • Government services on a blockchain
  • Expat Services on a blockchain
  • Shared information- and transaction network HR industry
  • Blockchain for Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Social coins on a blockchain

If you are interested in our project services, please contact us.