Projects: form idea to execution

Quality projects possible from € 2.000,- within our Certified Programs

Weconomics supports projects that contribute to our mission and strategy : ‘Work Less,  Achieve More’ with the help of modern organization science and technology. We help you with organization technologies and concepts such as: blockchain, rich data, data logistics and the digital assembly line. For this it is important to understand real digital transformation. Real digital transformation means reduction of digital and human waste and lead times in offices and more efficiency, transparency and secure data exchanges. We can set up a professional community (shared information and transaction network) for your industry/organization, based on the Weconomics organization model, infrastructure transition program and Community Model Canvas.seed_3

How does it work?
You can choose to carry out a project yourself and hire a Weconomics partner for some parts of your project if necessary (internal label). We can also choose to start a project together and work with Weconomics instruments, methods and partners as much as possible/desired from your side (mixed label). Weconomics can also provide a total solution with a project leader, consultants, trainers and developers. In this case  you use a proven methodology, which reduces the lead time and costs (external label).

Weconomics and projects
We design and develop professional communities using our Community Model Canvas. A professional community is a decentralized democratic shared information- and transaction network with many providers and many customers. With this network you can profile, select, buy and pay product & services almost completely digitally and at minimal transaction costs. We call this the digital assembly line.

The transactions are stored on a blockchain or in a shared and distributed ledger. This will make the network efficient, transparent and allows transactions to be carried out with less digital waste. Privacy and data management can also be better guaranteed and society become less dependent on tech companies and central governments.

The underlying infrastructure (data common) for Weconomics communities is basically the same for every community. The differences are mainly in the applications and the focus: target and target group-oriented communication and branding. You work together in the data common, and compete with your (decentralized autonomous) applications.

Do you have an idea for a project?
Are you a pioneer and do you have an idea to organize supply and demand in a smarter way? We help you set up and guide your project to realize it in less time and with less costs. Weconomics helps you with the realization of your idea. As a Weconomics member you get access to our knowledge center, an extensive network and the right tools to expertly turn your idea into a successful community. Weconomics partners are experienced in guiding enterprising people from idea to execution.

Your advantages as a member

  • Access to knowledge center and network of professionals and potential customers
  • A fundamentally new organizational model and technology for communities
  • Using our Community Model Canvas
  • Apply Blockchain Organizing in practice
  • Set up a digital assembly line for your industry
  • Organizational technology for the improvement of privacy and productivity
  • An open source infrastructure to share knowledge
  • A validated transition program with appropriate tools
  • Network of digital transformation experts, consultants, trainers and developers

Project examples

  • HR on the blockchain
  • Set up a Personal Data Service
  • Medigister: personal health record
  • Supply chain management using a digital assembly line
  • Blockchain for a sharing marketplace
  • Redesigning expat services
  • Set up a shared information- and transaction network
  • Social coins on a blockchain

If you are interested in our project services, go to our Weconomics Solutions website or contact us.