Weconomics accelerator program

– ecosystem for social innovation and data-driven entrepreneurship –

Under the motto: together you are stronger, Weconomics offers an accelerator program to its partners. Weconomics aims to accelerate ideas, projects, talents and startups without the necessary administrative, legal, tax, marketing or technology burden for the entrepreneur. In the first few years, your startup can mainly concentrate on the development of the project.

Weconomics is a commonality that wants to support its talents, projects and startups as much as possible with, for example: branding, story-telling, marketing, sales, communication, public relations; lab facilities, funding, grants; accounting, financial statements payroll administration, tax returns; technology, IT support; operations (planning, confirmations, follow up); a shared data infrastructure (WECONET); new organisation/business/operating models (NOMAD) and transformation program (APOLLO) including the Weconomics academy and work-learn program (WCP).

The accelerator program wants to strengthen a part (a project) within the context of Weconomics (the whole) and thereby also accelerate and strengthen the whole. These two goals are complementary. This means: when we improve the business of an entrepreneur, the whole ecosystem should improve to. This systemic thinking is the basis of our accelerator program.

Our focus and connection with projects/startups
Weconomics is driven by social innovation and focuses on data driven organizing with ecosystems and the blockchain based digital assembly line. Our focus:

  • Driven by social innovation, empowered by technology.
  • Organizing a sustainable prosperity with the help of data-driven organizing with ecosystems and the blockchain-based the digital assembly line.
  • Because this requires a different business and operating model, we want to support entrepreneurs in a different way. We belief that the old (Anglo-American accelerator model) does not work sufficiently for society (idea -> financing -> development -> exit venture capitalist), where nine out of ten entrepreneurs can fail if only one successful startups makes millions.
  • Instead, we provide a kind of umbrella and together with the entrepreneur, we create the conditions that makes the idea, the project, the startup and the whole great and successful.
  • A the core of our approach we have learning programs, experience labs, projects and network partners such as LCB, Twice, Lisk, co-operations and HRcommunity.

Temporarily your project under Weconomics umbrella?
You can temporarily accommodate your idea, project or startup in the Weconomics accelerator program. The first transaction, the insertion of the project, we call the inbound transaction, the second, disconnecting it again, the outbound transaction. Outbound means, project:

  1. goes back to entrepreneur and separate from Weconomics
  2. stays within Weconomics
  3. a combination of these two

A project can also be forked or merged with projects or organizations, or taken over by a third party. Agreements are made in advance about the outbound transaction.

Some of the benefits of the accelerator program are:

  • part of a large and active network together with our network partners
  • over 400 partners and 150 projects/startups to work with
  • sharing costs for overhead (staff, housing, lab, service token)
  • together we create a market
  • your project is easier to finance
  • you can find and bind talents through the learning-working program
  • you use a common data infrastructure (eg: personal data service)

Some examples
Here are some examples of startups/projects from our network:

if you have any questions or are interested in our accelerator program, please contact us.

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