Walter Bril 

Walter_BrilStrong process knowledge management background, combined with skills and experience in technology management for more than 20 years. Involved in and contributed to the field of practical process knowledge preservation. No-nonsense approach and a unique and practical way to involve and motivate people regarding process knowledge management, process thinking and creating awareness.

This shows in the form of the San Francisco based where I, as one of the co-creators of the Universal Process Notation (UPN), use my knowledge to add value to this great initiative.

In addition, at the end of 2014 I started to look more and more into the interesting developments around the Bitcoin protocol and blockchain. Particularly in the context of social developments, concerns regarding the sustainability of traditional thinking models, and the socio-economic potential that blockchain has to offer, I became a true blockchain evangelist. The combination “process-nerd” and blockchain evangelist is particularly valuable in this.

This shows in the form of and the co-authoring of the books Blockchain Organizing & Blockchain Organizing for Managers.

I studied business informatics at the Rijkshogeschool IJsselland in Deventer, have a semi-technical background (UNIX) and write blogs when I think it’s needed. Last but not least I’m involved in advising young (blockchain / process knowledge management) entrepreneurs who develop their activities through the Brightlands Campus concept in Heerlen.

Passions and specialties: Inspire and challenge audiences, Contribute to Business Process Knowledge Management and Blockchain initiatives, Write, Speak, Train and Motivate!

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