Vivienne van Leuken

In my life, aiming for a more sustainable prosperity is key. I believeVivienne_vanLeukenv2
that leadership and organising trust are very important elements in achieving this aim. How we decided to perceive humanity forms the basic thought.

As a sparring partner, healer, advisor, co-founder and community-builder I work with all those who want to grow in the field of (personal) leadership and consciousness. With those who dare to ask the important questions; What do I sow? What do I reap?

What we think, say and do as individuals is what we create at organisational and societal level (and in private settings of course). And vice versa.  My job is to explain and clarify this stuff, and act differently by building the new.

One of those new ways of building, and creating new blueprints, is the TETO Foundation (= Stichting VIPE in Dutch). As TETO we tell the new narrative; what is work, what is value, how do trust based organisations work and what do they achieve?

Another way of building the new is leadership development from a holistic perspective. Where spirituality and quantum physics are also part of the narrative. Are you willing to look and see beyond your own truths, beliefs and principles? In my view it takes an open mind, open heart and open will to really move forward.

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