Mike Russell

Mike Russell helps companies navigate the blockchain landscape and identify new opportunities to transform their business.

Blockchain is the word. Blockchain this. Blockchain that. You’ll often hear talk of the underlying technology such hash-puzzles, distributed ledgers, zero-knowledge proofs, block-size or, perhaps, the focus will be on concepts such as consensus models (proof of work/stake/burn/elapsed time), immutability, security, tokenomics, public or permissioned networks.

In some ways, we’re being silently ambushed by a new technology that will fundamentally change both business and society. Decision makers need ‘new think’ to make the right decisions in this new world.

There is a lot to get to our heads around.

The key to understanding the blockchain promise is to understand what it means for your market, your stakeholders, your business, your organization and what is means for you.

New consensus models can, for example, facilitate stakeholders and other actors in cooperating in ways that have until now been unthinkable. ‘Trust’ and ‘truth’ have been redefined. No longer do you (only) have a firm-handshake and the tiny letters of an agreement to fall back on. Blockchain combines computer science, mathematics, cryptography, and game-theory to guarantee a new type of trust and truth that we can implicitly rely on.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am – like many of you – a blockchain traveler. In helping companies explore the new possibilities that blockchain enables, I focus on both the use-case and the business-case specific for your situation.

I graduated from the University of Wales with a BSc and PhD in Man-Machine Interation, and years later an MBA from Nyenrode. My background in computer science, knowledge engineering, business consulting and 20 years of management experience allow me to help you navigate the blockchain landscape.

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