Maurits van Sambeek, MA.

Exponential Leadership Mastery Coach

Maurits van Sambeek grounds Leaders and busy entrepreneurs back into their core essence fast, so they have more clarity, purpose and powerful direction to have their vision followed and their team aligned, while staying flexible on course and being relaxed in the current storms of change.

He is a well-versed philosopher, specialized in metaphysics, thought leadership and coaching. His unique blend of perennial wisdom with future-proof thought methodologies helps leaders and entrepreneurs come to an encompassing vision and purposeful implementation strategies.

  1. The scope of metaphysics is to understand all coherence in the cosmos.
  2. The scope of thought leadership is to initiate and lead with new thought.
  3. The blend of metaphysics and thought leadership thus helps in understanding the world we want to live in by initiating new creation from existing potentials.

From dreaming to actually living, from idea to innovation, from desire to manifestation, and from thinking into tangible results – there are proven processes to realize new creations.

Learn how to align these various lines of reality, from spirit to body, from energy to power, from mind to matter, and from concept to capital. In our tailored Thought Expeditions you gain insight in how this will work wonders for you and your business.

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