Leon van Ekeren

Leon van Ekeren is an experienced marketeer with good legal knowledge. He has special interest in implementing Blockchain Organizing in marketing and communications

Privacy is Leon’s starting point and focus. The importance and thus the impact of privacy in the digital world is evolving rapidly. Not just as a result of the GDPR but merely because more people begin to understand their ‘nakedness’ and vulnerability on the web.

Understanding privacy will help organizations implement the principles of ‘privacy by design’ in all their (digital) processes. As a consultant and trainer, Leon is helping organizations doing so.

As marketeer Leon is engaged in promoting the idea of Vender Relationship Management (VRM), a category of business activity made possible by software tools that aim to provide customers with both independence from vendors and better means for engaging with vendors.

Compared to CRM today, VRM will lead to better business and way better customer insights because of the direct relations between client and vendor. Eventually the power of Google and others could diminish substantially.

VRM is developing rapidly and first applications already exist.
If you want to think over what VRM could mean to your business, now and in the future, just give me a call or send me an email.

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