Harrie Goutier

My passion is to frame constructive visions for the future. History has demonstrated that the impact of technology is inevitable and unstoppable. Currently evolving technologies in the digital and biogenetic space however, are in a different category of disruptive potential as we have ever seen before. This can turn out for good or for worse. It’s up to all of us to direct it to a positive scenario for the future. I realize that this is a big challenge to oversee for just one person but at the same time I believe we shouldn’t shy away from it. We need to think big to start small. Framing the most desirable scenario for the future and creating awareness and support for the steps to get there is the first step to make. Being part of The Weconomics Foundation offers me opportunities to achieve this.

I’m a creative thinker with 30 years of experience in Finance and IT in Siemens, ATOS and Shell. I studied Business Economics at the Haagse Hogeschool. Blockchain technology inspires me with the potential to bring transparency and decentralization in the digital economy. Obviously, this can only be achieved if organized in the right way. For this we need to dare to explore new economic models and new ways of collaboration.

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