Edo Koevoet

Simplify Coaching achieves sustainable change for her customers. We create a lasting impact on the performance of professionals and teams. How? We look beyond behavior and circumstances. We go beyond the level of tips & tricks. We reveal people’s unconscious inner motivations and learn them how to create a sustainable breakthrough in their restrictive patterns.

Edo is a seasoned trainer & coach for personal & team development. Besides he’s a senior IT project manager with extensive experience in high-tech electronics and logistics, as well as with IT service providers. He’s able to make continuous switches between project details and strategic considerations required when acting as a sparring partner on executive level.

Through his unique combination of inter personal skills, IT knowledge and international project management experience Edo distinguishes himself. He has always performed in business settings where transformation was the common denominator and is consequently well positioned to work on the performance of your professionals, teams and projects.

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