Anirvan Sen

Anirvan is a recognized industry expert on M&A, Industry 4.0, Blockchain,  Operational Excellence and Change Management. Led, mentored and enabled strategic transformation programs and initiatives in Fortune 500 companies including GE, Sony, Dell, Coca Cola, Stryker, AkzoNobel as well as SME companies, in Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle-East & Africa, Russia and Central Asia, Turkey, ASEAN, India, Bangladesh, China, US and Brazil. He has been involved in several start-ups including Blockchain solution providers.

He has recently developed and implemented Blockchain solutions in supply-chain for automotive, agriculture as well as for financial and banking industries, and healthcare. His solutions are strongly hinged on organization design and change management that sits on digital Blockchain based transformation.

He is the Founder & Managing Director, Fifth Chrome

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