Partner overview

Weconomics partners for the following industries:
(Click on industry for overview of partners working in/for specific or more general industry)

  • General, OrganizationTechnology, Management, SupportServices
  • Agrifood
  • Education, ResearchDevelopment
  • Factory, Smartfactory, Industry
  • FacilityManagement, Maintenance
  • Finance, Insurance, Fiscal, Accountancy, Subsidy
  • ForTheGood, Sustainability, CorporateSocialResponsibility, NonGovernmental
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • HumanResources, HumanCapitalManagement, Recruitment, TrainingDevelopment
  • InformationTechnology
  • Legal
  • Logistics, LogisticsMangement, SupplyChainManagement, Purchase
  • Marketing, AccountManagement, Sales, Communication
  • Travel, Accommodation, Hospitality, Leisure
  • Utilities, RealEstate
  • Knowledge Intensive Business Services (Other than the above)
  • Various (Combination of above)
  • Other (Other than above)