Weconomics members 

With a membership, you can use our commonalities, solutions, and platforms when you are a project leader, innovation manager, trainer, consultant, startup, or digital lead, for example.

What’s in it for you:

  • all the services a partner gets
  • one extra free lesson per year from our learning-working programs
  • you may use the Weconomics logo with the expression ‘Weconomics Member’
  • use our media and financing platform
  • write blogs or articles, produce podcasts or video’s that we publish
  • send in your events and we will publish them on our website
  • send in your news and we will distribute it via Weconomics Wonders
  • send in your video’s and we will publish them on our YouTube channel
  • you book our experience lab with discount for workshops, expert meetings etc.
  • you can use our office facilities and hubs (in consultation)
  • access to Weconomics knowledge center
  • access to (online) books, training- and case materials, presentations and tools  
  • start a Weconomics project and event (courses, workshops etc.)
  • opportunity to participate in the NEWENT accelerator program
  • help from other members with marketing, finance, legal, sofware developement etc.
  • become an accountmanager and receive provision for selling Weconomics (partner) solutions
  • receive a bonus or discount for selling/buying solutions from Weconomics (partners)

Sign Up
If you have questions about the membership first, you can contact us.

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Membership fee and cancellation
€ 200,- ex VAT per year. Memberships are for unspecified time until further notice before October the first each year (a notice period of 3 months).

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