Madelon Timmers

This is Madelon Timmers (1987); Pianist and songwriter, Business Psychologist, Communication Consultant, Project Manager and Founder of Maple Leafs Creations.

She studied classical piano and music until the age of 18 at music school Grosveld in Tilburg, after that she started Social Psychology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and graduated in Organizational Psychology at “De Vrije Universiteit” of Amsterdam. After her studies, she traveled to America, where she was co-founder of the band 16 Sparrows. Together with three Californian brothers she toured Europe for a season.

At the Fontys Teacher Training and at IT & Design at the Haagse Hogeschool she focused on themes such as intercultural communication, online and offline communication and she put research about transformational leadership, structure and creativity into practice in the workshops she gives. She developed a method for attention that helps to align thoughts, feelings and action.

Madelon is currently working with and for various entrepreneurial networks, such as WIN and Hartje Bijlmer, on concrete projects for the community, as her own neighborhood  the Bijlmer. Next to that she works together with Avishai Darash on a platform, called Con Create Productions, where different cultures and disciplines come together in projects for creating performance art.

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